Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bad blogger!

Yeah, sorry I haven't been posting. Things have been quite busy.

Overall, things are good. But, there have been some significant developments.

We fired the caseworker that the agency had assigned to us. Quick list of reasons:

1) When she first dropped them off, she said no medications. X was on multiple medications. Judging by subsequent actions, she was probably told about them and didn’t remember. Fortunately, his former Doctor was very helpful in bringing us up to speed and assisting.
2) Failed to mention C’s “demons that can kill him” statements to his DHHR worker. She had told us she would.
3) Is never able to answer any but the most basic questions.
4) Unable to offer us guidance on things like enrolling in school. We had to contact C’s DHHR worker to get the needed information in a timely manner.
5) Consistently “forgets” to call us back with information in a timely fashion. We have resorted to directly contacting their DHHR worker directly for everything but YAP specific things.
6) Entered one of our vehicles to retrieve X’s car seat without asking permission.
7) Constantly takes a “snotty” tone with us.
8) She was told on 12/29/2008 that X had just gone to the doctor and had a prescription for a yeast infection “on his neither region”. Then proceeded to call us the next day to lecture us about his mother noticing he had diaper rash. Had she actually listened to us when she picked the boys up, she could have addressed this at the visit.
9) C has repeatedly mentioned that he does not like going with her because she is not nice.
10) Visits consistently take hours longer than needed. This has caused us to miss appointments because we had to wait for them to return.

C spend Chirstmas with his grandfather and had a most excellent time.

He is slowly coming out of his shell with me. Just takes time.

We decided to contact the birth mom. This was a tough choice for us. We finally decided that if she did get her stuff together and they went home, that we would like to position ourselves to maintain contact with them. Amanda and her spoke for quite a while and it went well. We are supposed to meet with her this Sunday and discuss thing and have a bit of a meet and greet. Jury is still out on her. This was not something we expected to do, but we think it is the right thing to do.

C and I went for a drive on the tractor today, he enjoyed that quite a lot. He loved that he established that he was faster than the tractor on his bike. Not sure that is much of an accomplishment to outrun a 60+ year old tractor. But, he enjoyed it, so it was fun.

Hope all of you had a good Christmas.

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  1. Wow, I can't believe how inept and awful the caseworker was. Sorry you've had to deal with that.

    Happy New Year to you all!